General Tire supplies AT2 tyres for Mercedes-Benz G-Class vehicles

Hanover, November 2017

Mercedes G 300 to be fitted with General Tire Grabber AT² ex works in Graz.

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Hanover, November 2017. The General Tire brand with its 100-year heritage is to supply tyres for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The German automaker recently approved the all-terrain Grabber AT² in size LT265/75R16 for fitting to the G-Class. They can also now be ordered via Mercedes dealers in the replacement market since they have been approved for original equipment use.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is one of the most recognised powerful off-road vehicles, so a great deal is expected of its tyres: maximum grip on stony, sandy and muddy ground, safe handling properties on the road and a highly robust performance both on and off road. “For the General Tire brand this approval is a very special seal of quality,” says Matthias Bartz, General Tire Business Development Manager for the EMEA Region. “Mercedes-Benz invariably sets the bar high in terms of the requirements of the tyres in both the original equipment and replacement sectors. As a company with a proud heritage in the production of 4x4 tyres, we bring to the table more than a century of experience in the development of robust tyres with strong grip, whose standard of quality has now also impressed one of the leading European off-road vehicle manufacturers.”

The Grabber AT² displays its strengths on regular and unpaved roads as well as in off-road use: Its highly durable rubber compound was developed with all three of these applications in mind. The tread’s construction is built with five circumferential grooves and protruding tread blocks, which offers maximum grip and low noise development. At the same time, it is designed to ensure that the Grabber AT² can also deliver strong traction in rugged terrain. The reinforced tread blocks make for stable handling and ensure high mileage, particularly in the tyre shoulder which bears the brunt of the load in steering maneuvers.  Despite a high tread depth of 13.5 mm, the tyre’s new tread compound equips it with strong damage resistance on sharp-edged surfaces. Its triple-layer construction and very robust sidewalls make these tyres safe and durable performers even in tough stony terrain.

Earlier this year, General Tire also introduced the next generation of all-terrain tyre with the Grabber AT3. The new, third-generation tyre combines unique TracGen and Comfort Balance Technologies to deliver exceptional traction and off-road capabilities, while enjoying maximum comfort and maintaining confident on-road manners.

The addition of the Grabber AT3 bolsters General Tire’s impressive product portfolio that continues to see the off-road tyre experts align with renowned off-road vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz G-Class

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