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Tested in Australia


General Tire has been tested all over Australia

Over the past 2 years the Grabber X3 has been run all over Australia, watch some of the highlights here.


Grabber AT3 has been run through the Simmo

In 2018 we ran the Grabber AT3 through the Simmo on an epic adventure to put it through its paces in Australia.

Watch the full episode of this epic adventure here


Mud, sand, rock, water - Grabber X3 has faced them all

Mud, sand, rock, water - we have put the Grabber X3 through the toughest challenges in Australia to make sure these tyres are up for the task. Don't just take our word for it, watch some of the full length episodes here:

1. Glasshouse Mountains

2. Cape York

3. Fraser Island


Grabber X3 in the Victorian High Country in Winter

We have put the Grabber X3 through the challenge of hitting the 4WD tracks in the Victorian High Country in the snow.

Watch the full length adventure here


Shauno's Review of the X3's

After 6 month's of driving some of the toughest 4WD tracks Australia has to offer, Shauno gives feedback of his impressions of his Grabber X3's.

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