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Altimax GC5 is designed with a special focus on riding comfort for both family and business cars alike with a distinctive design.

  • Dynamic pattern design

  • Provides a smooth & comfort ride

  • Advanced compound technology

Lower Noise Levels

  • Feature: dynamic center grooves flanked by inward directional sipes. 

  • Effect: disrupts air flow and breaks up noise waves.

  • Benefit: reductions in noise generation while driving.

Smooth and Comfortable Ride

  • Feature: harmonic lateral groove angles.

  • Effect: Improved surface area contact with the road. 

  • Benefit: delivers a smooth and comfortable ride.


Advanced Compound Technology

  • Feature: an additional layer of high elasticity bonding agent added in the manufacturing process. 

  • Effect: reductions of energy dissipated for hysteresis while the tyres is in operation. 

  • Benefit: improvements in rolling resistance and mileage. 

Product Range


185/65R14 86H

185/60R14 82H

175/65R14 82H

175/70R14 84H


185/65R15 88H

185/60R15 84H

175/65R15 84H

185/55R15 82V

Product Tech 1

Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI)

Improved tyre life

Ensure wheel alignment within the first 1,000km, shown by even wear of the Visual Alignment Indicator.

Product Tech 2

Shark Skin Technology

High-Tech lessons from nature!

The surface of a shark’s skin is designed to improve the animals performance in water. Likewise the General Tire shark skin technology transfers the same philosophy into the tread pattern and longitudinal grooves allowing the tyre to evacuate water faster and more efficiently, thereby improving the grip levels and safety of the tyre.

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