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Altimax GU5 is designed with advanced technology to give a remarkable balance of safety and handling on different road surfaces.

  • High protection from aquaplaning

  • High grip when cornering on wet and dry roads

  • Short stopping distances on wet surface

High Protection from Aquaplaning

  • Feature: Ultimate Flow Structure + Shark Skin Technology.

  • Effect: efficiently disperses water on wet roads.

  • Benefit: high levels of safety and reductions in the risk of aquaplaning.

High grip when cornering on wet and dry roads

  • Feature: fast curve configuration in the tread pattern. 

  • Effect: high lateral stiffness of the shoulder blocks for improved control of road forces when driving. 

  • Benefit: provide safe and precise handling on wet and dry roads.


Short stopping distances on wet surface

  • Feature: more grip edges within the tread pattern. 

  • Effect: grip edges penetrate the water film in wet conditions and improve contact with the road surface.

  • Benefit: very good wet braking performance. 

Product Range

Product Tech 1

Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI)

Improved tyre life

Ensure wheel alignment within the first 1,000km, shown by even wear of the Visual Alignment Indicator.

Product Tech 2

Shark Skin Technology

High-Tech lessons from nature!

The surface of a shark’s skin is designed to improve the animals performance in water. Likewise the General Tire shark skin technology transfers the same philosophy into the tread pattern and longitudinal grooves allowing the tyre to evacuate water faster and more efficiently, thereby improving the grip levels and safety of the tyre.

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